"Iuri" Bench - hand-carved in reclaimed wood

Bring the exotic mysticism of the Amazon Jungle into your home with this piece that recreates the flow of the most interesting river in the world.This unique one of a kind bench made from sustainably harvested wood is a must have for the avid art collector
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Product Description

Measures: (WxLxH) 43 x 120 x 50 cm (16.9 x 47.3 x 19.7in). It weighs: 70 kg (154 lb)

This one of a kind, exquisitely crafted bench is sure to enhance any environment. The style of the bench recreates the flowing bends of the most famous river in the world, the Amazon River. The design incorporates the image of an exotic Amazonian fish, believed to have special powers. Designer Iuçana Mouco is a natural born artist and artisan native to the Amazon. She uses the traditional notch technique to create this piece, using only hand tools such as a swab, chisel and sandpaper. She used four pieces of solid wood to create this incredible and mystical design. This one of a kind bench uses natural raw sustainable materials.

Banco "Iuri", the Tupi-Guarani name meaning running water, refers to the encounter of the waters, a natural phenomenon that occurs with the meeting of the rivers Negro and Solimões. The bench is built in 4 blocks of solid "Campineiro" wood. The piece proposes to highlight regional identity, based on culture and aesthetics Amazonian art and culture through techniques and skills. This one of a kind bench uses natural raw sustainable materials.

About the Artist:

Iuçana Mouco is from Manaus, Amazonas, in the northern most region in Brazil, deep in the heart of the tropical Amazon rain forest. A designer for over 10 years by trade, Iuçana is a natural born artist. With her creative side flourishing she began to experiment with drawings, paintings, later poetry, and photography. Always using natural, local and sustainable products, she finds a way to transform the common into something extraordinary. Her work has been featured in exhibitions such as Brazilian Design Biennial and São Paulo Fashion Week, winning awards nationally and internationally. The brand Iuçana Mouco has the vision to seek a genuine aesthetic, maximizing the culture, artisans and raw materials of the Amazon. These pieces are one of a kind and bring with them the history and culture of this magnificent area of Brazil.

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