"Jupira" purse made with pirarucu fish leather - Black

This trendy handbag combines Brazilian soul with exotic design.
It weighs: 0.42 kg (0.9 lb)
Measures: (WxHxL) 18 x 21 x 3 cm (7.1 x 8.3 x 1.2 in)
Strap:(WxL) 2 x 62 cm (0.8 x 24.4 in)
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Produto IndisponívelPrazo de entrega válido para pedidos feitos até as 22h00 com cartão de crédito e aprovado na primeira tentativa.

Product Description

This modern handmade cross body purse is sure to add a special touch. The bag is made with the leather of the pirarucu fish. The Pirarucu fish is the world's largest freshwater fish native to the Brazilian Amazon. The unique pattern from the pirarucu skin makes this bag truly one of a kind. The cross body removable strap and zipper makes for easy access to the contents of the purse. These exotic bags are sure to impress.

About the Artist:

Denise Gerassi is a Brazilian designer of Italian descendant. She graduated with degrees in Industrial Chemistry and Pharmacology and worked for 16 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Denise's vision, her restless spirit, and curious nature moved her to search for new horizons. On one of her trips to Florence, Italy, she was exposed to the artisans that worked with leather and the desire to design and produce handbags and accessories was born. In 2015, she began production of her pieces, accompanying the process from start to finish. This brand is dedicated to the female audience, with the emphasis on being eco-friendly and seeks to meet the demands of contemporary, stylish women.

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