Doll wearing a hat - Black dress, clay figurine

Add a touch of beauty and originality to the decor of your home with this object that was created in one of the most representative styles of Brazilian popular art.
Measures (HxWxD): 49x14x14 cm (19.3x5.5x5.5 in). It weighs: 2.53 kg (5.6lbs).
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Product Description

These clay figures are inspired by the amazing work of Mestre (Master) Vitalino, with his clay figures referred to as the "clay dolls of Vitalino". His work is so popular that he has pieces exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

While most other clay works exhibited here are serve as home decor and some have a utilitarian function as well, this piece is mainly decorative. The bright and strong colors and the happy facial expression will lighten up any home.

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