3 laps necklace with 101 amethyst stones

This superb necklace handcrafted by Cecilia Annunziata is the perfect gift for yourself or for a loved one.
Measures: (W x L): 2.5 x 21 cm (1.0 x 8.3 in). Weight: 0.2 kg (0.4 lb)
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Product Description

This superb necklace with 101 round degradé amethyst stones of 8 x 15 mm and silver was handcrafted by Cecilia Annunziata. She is from São Paulo where she graduated in visual communications. She was one of the first designers to explore the beauty of exotic Brazilian gems, exhibiting initially at prestigious art galleries in her home town. All pieces are handcrafted and reflect her fresh and contemporary way of being.

Cecilia started her international path, taking part of a show in Nagoya, Japan in 1989. Later on, in 1999 she developed the Composée line for the renowned Bergdorf Goodman of New York introducing the "´Paraiba" tourmaline stone and became the first Brazilian designer that owned a shop window at the famous Fifth Avenue store. In 2005, she had a pair of tourmaline cabochons earrings included in the permanent exhibition of the Gemological Institute of America in San Diego, CA. Many books of art and design mention her work, such as: "Tahitian Pearl Trophy 2002", "The Best Drawings - Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Mexico ", "Jewels", "Counterpoint", and "Brazilian Jewelry from the Discovery to the Twentieth Century" by Mariana Magtaz, which tells the magnificent history of the country's jewels.

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