Architects - Designers - Resellers

If you are an architect, interior designer, reseller or design consultant you are pre-qualified to be part of TheFOB CLUB and take advantage of exclusive deals and special conditions such as:

Accumulate points that can be exchanged for merchandise from TheFOB.

You get TheFOB CLUB points either buying products for yourself or referring customers of yours that buy products from TheFOB online store.

Be the first to receive information about our new products at TheFOB and purchase them even before they are published for sale on our site.

Utilize TheFOB team to search for specific items that you are looking for or your clients have requested, even if it is not a product that we have for sale on our site.

If it is in your interest, you could appear on our site as one of our partners, therefore giving you visibility to TheFOB online store visitors.

Each US$ 1.00 (or equivalent to US$ 1.00 in other currencies) spent on TheFOB online store credits you 1 (one) TheFOB CLUB point.

Each 1 TheFOB CLUB point corresponds to US$ 0.10 credit that is good to be used on any item sold at TheFOB online store.

To become a member of TheFOB CLUB is simple and free of any monthly or annual fee. All you need to do is fill out the information on the form below. TheFOB will evaluate your eligibility and if accepted, you will receive a notice that you are now part of the exclusive TheFOB CLUB. Your membership will be effective as soon your purchases reach the value of US$ 3,000.00 in a period of 30 days. From there on, as a member, you will begin to accumulate points on all the future purchases.

For the application form please click here.


TheFOB services companies, headquarters, clubs, hotels and other institutions that are interested in purchasing items from TheFOB. We can supply personalized pieces and offer special discounts based on the quantity ordered. Contact us!