Andirá Necklace - assorted stones, jacarandá wood and cotton thread.

Wear a beautiful piece of art that will eternalize the uniqueness of the Brazilian soul.
Measures (LxW): 3 x 38 cm (1.2 x 15.0 in). It weighs 0.06 kg (0.13 lb).
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Product Description

The Andirá necklace, made of assorted stones, jacarandá wood and cotton thread, was created by Selma Santos. Selma is from Rio de Janeiro, and the primary artisan for the company Omnatura. Omnatura crafts bio-jewelry, using noble metals like gold and silver, Brazilian stones and other natural materials. All pieces are handmade what gives them unique craftsmanship.

Omnatura is concerned about sustainability and are internationally certified by the CYCLE OF SUSTAINABILITY and GREEN AMERICA BUSINESS APPROVED seals. The name "Andirá" refers to a once common freshwater fish in Brazil now facing extinction.

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