Design + Craft The Brazilian Path

Get with this book a radiography of the recent revitalization of Brazilian handicraft objectd. In communities throughout the country, initiatives marked by entrepreneurism and social innovation bring a new push to sustainable local development.
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Product Description

Head and hands, heart and soul: the revitalization of Brazilian crafts emerges from the union of people with different profiles, having multiple and complementary skills with the most diverse backgrounds. The subject is presented in this book with all its diversity, complexity and beauty.

The meeting between artisans and designers - or, more generically speaking, between uneducated and educated people - hás been generating fruitful results: high quality products umbilically connected through purpose and material to the communities where they are made; quality of life improvement both for producers and users; as well as fairer and more equal development of the country. Also, this union helps to weaken prejudices that assign inferiority to objects made by hand and superiority to products designed by the intellect.

Pottery with rock painting motifs in Piauí; bowls made of recycled cardboard pulp and banana tree fibers in Minas Gerais; annatto seeds used as fabric dye in Amazonas; front and back sides with the same importance in a knotted rug in Rio de Janeiro; fish leather flowers in Mato Grosso; bags and baskets made of golden Grass in Tocantins. Those and many other cases, their reaches, potentialities and risks, make the object of an instigating analysis by Adélia Borges, teaching us about the importance of allowing ourselves to succumb, when buying a product, not only to the adequacy of form and function, but also to affection, memory and culture impregnated in handmade objects.

Product Details:
Paperback, 240 pages, 200 photos.
Code: ISBN: 978-85-7816-084-5

Weight: 1.07 kg (2.4 lb)
Dimensions: 27 x 21 cm ( 10.6 x 8.3 in)
Publisher: Editora Terceiro Nome, 2011
Author: Adélia Borges.
Language: English.

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