Hand embroidered set of decorative crochet pillow covers

This handmade set of delicate pillowcases with crochet add a splash of vibrant color to your living space.
Measures: (HxW) 47 x 47 cm ( 18.5 x 18.5 in). It weighs 0,34 kg (0.7 lb)
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Product Description

These exquisite pillowcases in bright blue and white thread in the shape of precious flowers are handmade with rich and comfortable cotton fabric. Colors from the Brazilian fauna and flora are the inspiration for the flower like pattern and colors. This very delicate technique of crochet has been passed down from generations of women from the central west region of Brazil.

Who made these pillows:

These pillows were produced by a group of embroiderers from the central west region of Brazil by the name of CAPRICHOSAS HANDMADE EMBROIDERY. The woman that work at CAPRICHOSAS do so to contribute to their household income. They produce these beautiful handmade products as a form to express their feelings by this ancient and intricate technique of embroidery.

A bit of history :

There are reports that embroidery is as old as mankind and that embroidery with handmade embellishments was appreciated by human beings as far back as 30 thousand years BC. Just like most other textile arts and needlework, several techniques of the art of embroidery first appeared in the Middle East. The cross stitch was the first type, it was used to sew clothing made from animal skins, by ancient peoples. Needles were made of bones and animal casings or vegetable fibers were used in the place of thread. Embroidery was a way that ancient people found could convey their feelings. It was poetry made with thread and needles. The art of handmade embroidery with its varied techniques, is still widely used in the present day by artisans all over the world.

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