Handmade Wooden Statuette with Five Carved Birds

This handmade statuette with beautiful wooden birds brings Brazilian style and flair to any environment.
Measures: (W x L x H) 16 x 30 x 20 cm (6.3 x 11.8 x 7.9 in). It weighs: 0.01 kg (0.0 lb)
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Product Description

The pieces in this collection are unique, handcrafted items that will stand out in your home. They are perfect for decorating any environment. This piece is made of reclaimed wood and carved wooden birds make these pieces unique and one of a kind. Adorn your home with this stylish handmade decorations with a touch of Brazilian artistry.

These items were hand woven and carved by the Artisan Association of St. Brigida. This association is located in the Northeast state of Bahia, Brazil and is comprised of 32 families.The pieces are made from "Licuri" palm tree fiber, fallen trunks of umburana trees and natural dyes.

These talented artisans give life to umburana wood by turning them into a variety of different birds. They use the straw to weave products such as baskets, hats and bags. The products made by these local residents symbolizes the recovery of the economic environment and provides a handmade, sustainable item that helps transform many people's lives.

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