Macrame hat for women - Red

Authentic beauty comes straight from nature and looks great when we are able to wear pieces of art. This piece embodies originality with modern nuances.
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Product Description

Measures (Diam): 40cm (15.7in). The brim (W): 9 cm (3.5in). It weighs: 0.08 kg (0.2 lb).
One size fits all.

This hat is made of macrame, a technique of manual weaving in which the craftsman works with their fingers, crossing and knotting the threads, forming geometric decorative patterns. This unique and stylish hat was made by the artisans of the city of Timbiras, Maranhão, located in the extreme west side of the Northeast region of Brazil. The Buriti is a palm tree also known as the Moriche palm in English.

This high growing palm is native to Brazil and some bordering countries, and grows in wet and swampy environments. The handicrafts of the inhabitants of Timbiras are highly sought after for their unique style and differentiated colors.

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