Morototó Seeds Necklace - Brown

Be stylish in this necklace made of seeds from the Amazon!
Measures: (W x L) 3 x 44 cm (1.2 x 17.3 in). Weight: 0.07 kg (0.2 lb)
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Product Description

The Morototó tree or Schefflera Morototoni, besides being abundant in the Amazon rainforest, is also found throughout all the Brazilian states. Since the Morototó seeds are very small, up to two or three thousand pieces can be used in making some of the bio jewelry designs. The seeds are perforated one by one. Using a very fine needle, the artisan's incredible ability is required, attention to detail and patience. Empower artists from the Amazon and be part of the conscious consumer movement!

About the artist:

Through the collaboration of artisan Jemuel Gomes and the designer Silvestre Paiva, Kuap handicraft tells stories through necklaces made from seeds. Kuap handicraft is the perfect union between the mind of a designer and the powerful hands of an artisan. In its indigenous language Kuap means, "to know and understand."

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