Petals Fruit Basket - Braided Amazonian Piaçava Straw

Take home an incredible utilitarian and decorative basket made of sustainable straw from the Amazon.
Measures: (H x Diam) 12 x 58 cm (4.7 x 22.9 in). Weight - 1.18 kg (2.6 lb)
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Product Description

This gorgeous and detailed basket is one to own. Inspired by the gorgeous water lily flower found in the Amazonian jungle called Vitória Régia, it has been elaborated using a type of straw from a Palm tree called Paiçava, which is naturally found in the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon rainforest has been said to be the lungs of the word, a treasure to be preserved with all its secrets and magnificence, a reason for awe. This special ecosystem is a source of inspiration in itself. This piece was created manually and sustainably by a co-op in the second biggest municipality of Brazil called Barcelos, in the northern state of Amazonas.

"Barcelos Indigenous Art and Culture Association" is name of the co-op that made this traditional Brazilian handicraft in collaboration with the designer, Sergio Matos. When translated the co-op's name means, Indigenous Art and Culture Group of Barcelos. Co-op members took part in a training program with designers and SEBRAE, the Brazilian micro and small business support service. SEBRAE and TheFOB believe in promoting sustainable and competitive development of small businesses. The training helped empower the co-op by improving processes and products, professionalizing artisans, through teaching design concepts, and ways to optimize the supply chain. As a result, products from this co-op have been selected for the Brazilian Small Business Assistance Service, SEBRAE's Top 100 list.

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