Pink and Black patchwork Purse - adjustable strap

Give your personal style an upgrade of beauty and originality with these one of a kind, handmade, wearable works of art.
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Produto IndisponívelPrazo de entrega válido para pedidos feitos até as 22h00 com cartão de crédito e aprovado na primeira tentativa.

Product Description

It weighs 0.43 kg (1.0 lb)
Measures (HxWxD): 33 x 45 x 16 cm (13.0x17.7x6.3 in)
The strap measures :(WxL) 7 x 67 cm (7 x 67 cm (2.7 x 26. 4 in)

This bag was made in patchwork embroidery by Lucia Teixeira, a renowned artisan from the city of Visconde do Rio Branco, State of Minas Gerais, in the Southeast of Brazil.

Her creations stand out for contrast and harmony of their colors. In this particular work, the Pink and black colors highlight these characteristics even more.

Lucia creates modern yet timeless pieces that seek to accentuate everyone's individual style. This is certainly a discussion piece!

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