Special Knife Traditional Chef 8"

This top quality knife has the best steel blade and is expertly handcrafted.
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Product Description

Blade (W x L): 4.5 x 20cm (1.8 x 7.9in)
Overall Length: 32cm (12.6in)
Weight: 0.2 kg (0.4 lb)
This specially made knife comes with a protective wooden box.

Since 1965, Zakharov is a family owned business in Brazil that bears the family name. Zakharov has been able to secure a reputation for crafting high quality knives that are durable, functional and true pieces of art. Coming from a Ukrainian tradition, through ancestors who were true artists, masters in the art of making knives, the Zakharov family used inherited ancient knowledge in their craft though utilizing modern chrome molybdenum stainless steel for the blades. This steel provides better retention of cut and is very easy to sharpen. The golden protection part between the handle and the blade is made of brass. These knives are exclusive, safe, sophisticated and will stay sharp longer. They cut more efficiently and some saw up wires, iron plates and even other knives.

Zakharov has all types of clients such as kitchen chefs, luxury steakhouse restaurants, sushi professionals, collectors and outdoors enthusiasts. Zakharov also supplies knives to elite units of the Brazilian Armed Forces, placing them as a benchmark in the world cutlery market.

The handle of this knife is made of sustainable certified high quality hardwood with beautiful marquetry details and has perfect ergonomics when preparing your barbecue or other dishes. Tone variations can occur with real wood, insuring you get a one of a kind creation. We recommend to keep the handle dry after washing so that water, chemicals and moisture do not cause stains. Use specific wood preservation product and polish with flannel. Do not wash in a dishwasher machine. Please allow 3 weeks for shipment of this item. This unusually extended time is because it is carefully handcrafted to insure its top quality.

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