Stunning Hand embroidered Table Runner

This unique handmade table runner combines bright colors with refined style and is sure to make any environment more dynamic.
Measures: (Lx W) 100 x 40 cm (39.4 x 15.8 in). It weighs: 0.16 kg (0.3 lb)
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Product Description

These boho-chic table runner is handmade with a embroidery technique called "cross" stitching. These unique pieces were created by an association of women from the Northeastern Brazilian state of Alagoas called the Embroidery Company of Entremontes. These techniques were handed down from generation to generation over the past 200 years. Each handmade item is unique in its pattern, color selection and stitching. These distinctions make each and every piece a one of a kind adornment.

Who made these items:

These items were produced by a cooperative by the name of Embroidery Company of Entremontes. Today the association complements the income of many families in the Entremontes region.

A bit of history:

This type of stitching is native to this region. Entremontes is located in the arid Northeastern state of Alagoas known for its local fishing villages. This technique has been developed over the past 200 years. As fishing was the common activity for the men of these villages, the women would stay home and take care of the families. This rustic looking stitching is called "cross stitching" and is soaked into the local traditions. These pieces are one of a kind and bring with them the history and culture of this magnificent area of Brazil.

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