Two-Piece Pool Cue - Malta Cross Red

If you love playing pool or know someone who does, this is the cue for you! Elegant and unique, it is simply the finest.
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Product Description

Measures: (W x L) 3 x 142 cm to 152 cm (1.2 x 55.9 to 59.9 in).
Diameter of the ferrule: + / - 1 cm (0.4 in)
Weight: 0.4 to 5.2 kg (0.9 to 1.1 lb)

In the 80's, Kodama who enjoyed playing pool as a hobby, began creating his own pool cues in an artisanal way. There seemed to be a lack of pool cues that satisfied player's demands. Soon, due to the quality of the pieces, various friends and players began ordering Kodama's cues. Demand grew and the idea of transforming this small-scale production into a creative business was strengthened. In 1989, Taco Set was established in São Paulo.

The growing demand for specially made cues demanded that machines be created to streamline production. Kodama dealt with the challenge of maintaining the exclusivity that the artisanal process guarantees to the cues. When the pool cues became known for their quality, more attention was directed towards their design. Several models have been developed, adding even more value to the brand and giving the consumer more freedom of choice. Taco Set has become a benchmark in the sport and is the brand of choice for various professional pool players.

This pool cue has a clean look and is made of excellent quality materials: Ivory wood for the tip and a red base of Guajuvira, black Angico or Ipê woods; synthetic leather sole and stainless steel ferrule. This piece has a Malta Cross detail that was implemented using the serigraph printing technique. The cue has a beautiful automotive varnish finish. All wood used is certified by the national department of the environment and possesses a (DOF), or document of forest origin.

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