Véio - Cícero Alves dos Santos - Sculptures

Put on your bookshelf this beautiful book about the creative pop-art sculptures of Cícero Alves dos Santos known as "Véio" (old man).
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Product Description

The sculpture works of Cícero move in two main directions: Firstly, the larger pieces , where trunks, branches and roots have significant presence and where He makes only occasional intervention - whether carving or painting - with the intention of making the shapes and figures he sees in those natural elements he calls "open woods" even more explicit.

Together with the strong vegetable aspect of the materials used in the sculptures (curves and irregularities of tree trunks and roots), another thing that takes one by surprise is the intensity of the colours used in most of the works. They show an artificial and a pop side, in which half-tones rarely find space and which, initially show wide differences from the subtleties of natural elements, contrary to to the decisive and regular appearance of industrial objects. This opposition ends up intensifying the spontaneous side of natural phenomena.

The second group of works comprise small carvings made with a pen-knife on small (sometimes very small) pieces of wood totally taken over by the figures into which they are transformed, with the original wood being hardly visible. Even though on some occasions Cícero would cover his works with a coat of paint, in most cases the wood is left bare. Curiously, in Cícero's sculptures we find an inversion of what we see happening on a daily basis: human work, intervention in nature lead to a miniaturisation of the objects He engenders, when compared to those items where nature stands out, i.e. the sculptures of the first group.

Product details:
Paperback, 200 pages, 115 photos
Code: ISBN 978-85-7827-894-6
Weight: 0.5 kg ( 1.1 lb)
Dimensions: 25 x 19 cm (9.9 x 7.5 in)
Publisher: WMF Martins Fontes, 2014
Author: Rodrigo Naves.
Language: Bilingual (Portuguese and English).

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