White Crochet Hammock - 2 Person

Lounge in this stunning handmade white crochet hammock. The beauty and detail of this piece will enhance any home's décor.
Measures: (W x L)
Bed Size: 164 x 250 cm (64.6 x 98.5 in)
Total Length: 390 cm (153.7 in)
Weight: 4.5kg (9.8lb)
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Product Description

This stunning hammock was handmade in Barra Formosa, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Northeastern region of Brazil. Inspiration to create this piece stems from the desire to experience the art of crochet in harmony with the environment. This crochet hammock is made with cotton string and each one takes about a month to weave. Crochet is a handicraft technique that uses a hooked needle, any type of string, and it can be used to create a delicate towel, a blanket, a carpet, or a resistant hammock.

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