Bring home this top quality professional handcrafted instrument.
Measures: (H x W x L): 19 x 16 x 34 cm (7.5 x 6.3 x 13.4 in). Weight: 0.9 kg (2.1 lb)
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Product Description

Obtain with this instrument the pure and exotic sound of the Brazilian soul

Gope Musical Instruments manufactures and supplies percussion instruments and parts to professional musicians since 1962.

The shekere is an ancient traditional African origin percussion instrument consisting of a dried gourd with beads woven into a net covering the gourd. The instrument is common in West African and Latin American folkloric traditions as well as some of the popular music styles. When performing it is shaken and/or hit against the hands.

The shekere is made from gourds that grow on the ground. The shape of the gourd determines the sound of the instrument. A shekere is made by drying the gourd for several months then removing the pulp and seeds. After it is scrubbed, skillful bead work is added as well as color.

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